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I think we can all agree that life is a bit of a roller coaster ride. Of course, there are several kinds of roller coasters in this park, but they all have the potential to leave us either exhilarated or exhausted. Well, let me tell you. You don't have to ride this coaster for the first time with a blindfold.

Before I elaborate, I'd like to ask: how many times in life have you slowed things down, hit the breaks on the ride, and just observed? Have you ever thought to yourself, "How do other people react to their surroundings? What do people think about? Why do people act the way they do?" At the same time, have you ever asked, "How do I react to my surroundings? What do I think about? Why do I act the way I do?" These questions can be asked towards positive and negative situations. In the case you haven't had a whole lot of time on your hands to ask them, I have good news for you. Slowing down to observe is what I do, and this blog is where I write about what I've learned from it.

Hopefully my entries can give you a heads up, a sort of newspaper on life that you can open and read once in a while. Something like . . . an Early Edition.

With that, happy reading, take care, and good luck!

Much love,

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