Early Spring Cleaning

As of yesterday, this blog was titled A Lifetime of Dreaming and had over fifty entries posted on it. Today, I decided to make all those entries private. Why? Because I wanted to give myself time to clear my head and feel less overwhelmed in life. Once I feel better I'm sure I'll post those old entries again. After all, they do date back to 2013.

Young Louisa's developing thoughts were important too.

With this new space, I'd like to develop my older voice. The young and old have been warring with each other for a long time in my head now. It's a war between the side of me that believes in dreaming and the one that knows and hates reality. Consequently, this has created a very choppy writing style, resulting in endless backtracking and unsatisfying revisions on my manuscript.

Voice development is crucial. If I learn to look at the young and old voices with less cynicism and more kindness, I might finally transition into the one I'm supposed to have—and finish my book. One thing I know I shouldn't change, however, is how I end each entry. I may not mean it, but everyone must "fake it till they make it" before they can become the person they want to be.

Much love,

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