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Why hello there. You've reached the blog of a story and laughter-lover. I write fantasy-horror novels when the sun goes down. No, they're not published yet, but I imagine them to be on shelves accompanied by a pillow, a mug, and a bib. Why? Because bibs are comfy . . . You're welcome.

This blog features entries about life hurdles, self-analyzation, and perseverance. Maybe they can be of help!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fight Your Fears

Some things are so good you wonder whether you should drop everything and run to save yourself from the hurt it's bound to bring. Good things don't last forever right?

Well, dear reader, don't run away. I can't tell you why yet because I'm still figuring it out, but here. Listen to this cover of "Something Just Like This" by Romy Wave (original by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay). I stumbled on it by accident and felt safe all of a sudden. Isn't it amazing when music does that?

See you next time,

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