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Back at the Road's Entrance

In many ways I'm starting over: as a person, a writer, and a human being in search of a purpose. I like to think that I found that purpose a long time ago, but life's funny. Right when we think we know what we're doing, it throws a curve ball and turns everything we thought we knew upside down.

Now I'm here, searching for that purpose again.

The title of this entry is "Back at the Road's Entrance," with the road being a representation of life and its several winding paths. Knowing that starting over isn't a bad thing, I can only make the right choice or the wrong choice from here on out. They'll no doubt lead me to safe or unsafe side roads, but no matter how difficult that road becomes I should always strive for the ending I want.

Right now I want to get things rolling, starting by sharing this track I recently discovered, "Uncontainable" by Set It Off. It reminds me a lot of Fall Out Boy (who I love). Given that my discovery of Fall O…

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