Another Year, Same Hurdle

Except this time I'm jumping over it.

I have to say, this year is starting off great. On the first of January, I rewrote my query letter from scratch and actually liked it. It's short and sweet. After I show it to a few writer friends, I'll find out if it's interesting and as clear as I think it is.

As for my manuscript, the scenes I've written so far are few, but they've each contributed to either a plot arc, character trait, or moral in the story. Needless to say, these are scenes that I'm keeping.

I also received an unexpected spark of motivation. My dear friend (I still have to get used to saying "boyfriend") bought me a ticket to go to Disneyland with him. We went on the third, and it was a lovely day. No extreme heat. Carefully planned layers so we weren't the least bit cold. Honestly, I thought spending twenty-one hours with one person would make me restless, but no. That man is a real treat to be around. Very attentive and focused, then hyper and fidgety. He shifts. Isn't that interesting?

I'll post some pictures of the scenery I shot that day. I'll probably do it tomorrow, knowing how indecisive I am with which ones to share. I'd show you all of them but there are seventy-five new pictures in my camera roll. Wait, five videos and seventy pictures? Yes. Either way, that's a lot of pictures.

You know what? I've got time. I'll post them now.


View from our dinner table in the Jazz Kitchen.
Located in Downtown Disney.

For today's progress, I wrote a scene, brushed up my bio and uploaded some photos starting the new year. You know how it is with social media. If your cover photo's the same for too long, life begins to feel a little dull. I like my pictures changing at a reasonable pace. If the pictures are moving, then I'm moving, and 2018 really shouldn't feel like 2017. No please and thank you.

I'll talk to you later, reader. Thanks for stopping by!

Much love,

Back at the Road's Entrance

In many ways I'm starting over: as a person, a writer, and a human being in search of a purpose. I like to think that I found that purpose a long time ago, but life's funny. Right when we think we know what we're doing, it throws a curve ball and turns everything we thought we knew upside down.

Now I'm here, searching for that purpose again.

The title of this entry is "Back at the Road's Entrance," with the road being a representation of life and its several winding paths. Knowing that the paths wind, starting over isn't such a bad thing. I can only make the right or wrong choice from here on out. They'll no doubt lead me to safe or unsafe side roads, but no matter how difficult that road becomes, I should always strive for the ending I want.

Right now I want to get things rolling, starting by sharing this track I recently discovered, "Uncontainable" by Set It Off. It reminds me a lot of Fall Out Boy (who I love). Given that my discovery of Fall Out Boy is what sparked my original series, I'm going to take the discovery of Set It Off to be an extremely good sign for my current WIP.

Anyway, it's time for me to get back to work. I realize this post is in no way fulfilling or insightful but it's best I get back to work instead of write my way into another roadblock. Have a good week, reader!

Much love,


Hey, we hope you're all having a very happy weekend.

Louisa and Winnie the Pooh

Fight Your Fears

Some things are so good you wonder whether you should drop everything and run to save yourself from the hurt it's bound to bring. Good things don't last forever right?

Well, dear reader, don't run away. I can't tell you why yet because I'm still figuring it out, but here. Listen to this cover of "Something Just Like This" by Romy Wave (original by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay). I stumbled on it by accident and felt safe all of a sudden. Isn't it amazing when music does that?

See you next time,

Rethinking and Rebuilding

I am starting my first entry of 2017 with a soundtrack from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This film somewhat sparked my old fire for achieving great things. I feel the road it's taken to need that spark was represented well with this soundtrack. It has three key tones, you'll hear, and they all happen to match the things I've taken away from 2016. I'm keeping them general to let you apply your own experiences. Here, have a listen:

  • 0:00 - The entrance into something new and wonderful while holding on to the greatness before it. Go on. Feel it. Cherish it. Relish dead Hedwig's theme (Sorry. Yes, I went there)
    • It's never too late to start anew. Days become night and the dawn of the next day. Remember the things that make you proud of yourself and carry it with you to tomorrow
  • 0:39 - A noticeable drop in tone takes us out of wonder and into a foreboding and dangerous road. Whether we're remembering a particular dangerous road we've crossed before or are looking at one in the distance that we'll have to face, the music does remind us that dangerous roads are ahead. Who knows? You may not be able to see them yet. Just know they're there
    • Like Rafiki (from The Lion King said), "Oh yes, the past can hurt, but you can either run from it, or learn from it." So learn from it. Be ready for the next thing that may hurt, but because you prepped yourself, it'll be something you can step over instead of letting it trip you and roll over the edge
  • 1:39 - Now let's not dwell on the ominous and foreboding. We've grown stronger now, haven't we? We've lost motivation and love and found them again, better than they were before. It's time to step back into the new and wonderful. There'll be plenty of time to face danger later
    • Cherish the friends and family bonds you've made. You earned them and their love. They know who you are and will guide you when you're not. Hold them close. Keep in touch. Knowing what's behind and ahead, there's no reason you can't tackle tomorrow with a smile and a skip in your step

How was that? Did you like it? I figured since music plays such a huge role in my life, I might as well pull my mind's curtains back and show you what I see. If you didn't like it...well. I don't know what to tell you. I'm going to keep doing it ha! Besides, what better way to start this year than with the franchise responsible for instilling me with an appreciation for books and music? (Thank you, Harry Potter.)

If you haven't noticed or been around long enough to see, my blog's look has changed. It's dark and candle-themed instead of dark and love-themed (snicker). No matter what theme this blog has, I don't think I'll ever stray away from the dark. Darkness keep me on my toes and very close to the things that have the potential to break me. As strange as it sounds, I've learned it's important to welcome dark things. They present us with challenges that can make us fall or grow, and I don't plan on falling anymore.

So darkness? I can't say you don't scare me, but I do know I won't let you scare me for long. If you can, you should do the same, reader. If you can't, at least know that darkness is there and possible to overcome.

On another note, I'm sorting through the entries in this blog, that's why this is the only entry visible. Some entries I'll keep, some I'll toss. I wanted to "clear my head" for the new year and make sure that from here on out I focus on writing about the things I'm learning, not just recording my ramblings for you to read. That's why I started writing in here, isn't it? To help you?

That's that for 2017's first entry. With everything that's happened so far, I believe it's time to stop pondering and harness the magic of personal growth into something great. What do you think? Care to join me?

Much love as always,

I Feel You, Lin. I Feel You.

What an inspiration. Lin-Manuel Miranda started working on Hamilton in 2008. Eight years later, his musical is nominated for 16 Tony Awards and wins 11 of them.

I've been working on my own big idea since 2011. It's a long and bumpy road but:

There's a million things I haven't done,
But just you wait,
Just you wait.

Much love,

In The Heart Of The Road

I listened to this song while writing. If you don't get distracted from music while reading, go click haha!

Once in a blue moon, I'll stumble on a story that really hits home. Much like strangers who give off the presence of long lost friends, stories that hit home are unexpected and magical. They stay in our thoughts and hearts long after we've heard or seen them, and whatever we do with that lingering impression is up to us. That lingering impression is what I'd like to write about in this entry.

First of all, watching In The Heart Of The Sea refueled my passion for achieving great things. It doesn't matter how many times I've told you I "refueled my fire" before. I've been lying to you, reader. My passion for achieving great things hasn't been the same since July. Its fluctuation has been frustrating and really quite horrible. I didn't write about it in previous posts because I didn't want to be negative and bring you down by writing over and over about it. Naturally, all I unintentionally ended up doing by pretending to feel better was postpone the emotions I did feel. I bottled them up (they didn't explode) and they became acid that melted my glass-bottle-mind, leaving me exhausted and lost.

Don't do what I did, reader. If a wise friend didn't call me out on it recently, I would never have known. So I'm telling you now. Don't postpone emotions in an attempt to numb them.

My wise friend expressed it to me like this: "Feelings demand to be felt whether we like it or not. Instead of suppressing it and trying to move on, how about you acknowledge that this affects you? can embrace that in a healthy instead of fighting your feelings, let them take over and let yourself feel the hurt."

Now, in this particular situation, the hurt is gone. What I was missing was the drive and passion to keep going and believing in the stories I'm trying to write. Perfectly enough, that's what In The Heart Of The Sea gave back to me. On top of other positive things that have helped me with my personal growth, the closing of this film made me nod, take a deep breath, and get back on my feet.

"Kick ass," said the voice in my head. "Don't listen to anyone else but me, and I say kick ass," to which I replied, "Thank you, creepy voice in my head. Can you please leave now while I process this?"

Someday I want to write about acknowledging the tough times on this long road to dream-chasing, but right now, I'm ready to move forward again. Doubt is just a step away from fear, and if there's any goal I have besides publishing the insanely long list of stories in my head, it's to be fearless (or as close to fearless as I can be). After all, as one of my inspirations once said, "I never get afraid of things. I only get excited."

I'll see you next time, okay? We're in the heart of the road, reader. There's no point in turning back.

- Louisa

The Reality of Following Our Dreams

Photo taken by Louisa Aricheta
There's something really amazing about days like this. I'm writing at our round breakfast table with a view of the neighborhood and my old high school. I can't help but think that years from now, I'll hopefully still be doing the same thing. Granted, I'll have my own place and there'll be bills constantly calling me from the other room, but still. I'll be right here at a table by a window doing what I love.

I wish with all my heart that everything works out. I spend so much time dreaming and working towards the future I see in my mind that I'm not sure if I'm preparing myself properly. What if reality really does decide to come in and say, "Nice try building these stairs, but it's no use. It's made of Lego. Lego that I can easily kick down if I feel like it." Well let me tell you all, there's only one way you should react to this.

Reality, you can kiss my A-double-S.

It's important we remember that our goals and aspirations are dreams. They're not a part of reality, they're the things that challenge it. I remember how excited my peers were for prom, some years back. They had good reason to be. It was the night we could dress our best with friends and significant others. It put us in a different environment filled with twinkling lights and a taste of independence. It was exciting, new, reckless even. But me? No. The entire night, I was needlessly shoving myself back to reality.

Situation: We visit a friend's house to take pictures.
Thoughts: This house is beautiful! It must have taken so much work to get here. Will I ever be able to support myself like this? I can't even afford a metal box right now.

Situation: Friends around me are talking and dancing.
Thought: Is it safe to relax? Isn't it smarter to be planning what I should be doing after college?

Situation: Couples are holding hands (or more), waiting in line to take pictures.
Thoughts: Feelings? What is this concept? Don't these kids think about the insane level of commitment it takes to keep relationships going after high school? What about cost of living and the energy it takes to raise a child? Do they know that?

Right. I'll stop there. High school me was just ridiculously stiff (I guess that's what happens when you're told for so long how in-debt your country is and how much harder it will be to be an adult than the previous generation). But do you see my point? You're either in your dream or stuck in reality. There's no in-between.

It's not just prom either. It could be at work, whether you love or hate it, or in your relationships, whether you love or hate them. Are you putting all your attention on what you love or letting life pass you by because you hate it? Not to say that reality is a bad thing. Reality is what brings you back to earth, it's that thing that tells you what to expect. It can be a gentle reminder or a hard kick in the face. It's up to you whether you want to weep on the floor afterwards or disinfect and bandage the wound for the next adventure.

Life is difficult, readers. If it isn't, it will be (unless you're some sort of extremely lucky person born into wealth). That's no reason to be give up though. As long as you're ready for what's to come, you should be alright. More than alright, actually.

Before I go, I'd like to leave you with a few examples. Remember that before they found their success, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and Tom Hiddleston had their fair shares of struggle. More than fair, I would say, but the most amazing thing is that they never stopped doing what they loved. J.K. Rowling felt plenty of pressure for being a single mother with no job, but she wrote her ideas on napkins in her free time anyway. Stephen King received plenty of rejection slips from publishers, but tacked them on the wall to remind himself not to give up. Tom Hiddleston was recommended to reconsider his career path, his love for theater and acting because it wasn't kicking off, but he kept going.

None of them cared about reality. They followed their dreams because they loved it. There were plenty of opportunities they could have given up but they didn't. They wrote and acted because it was what their hearts wanted, not because it would bring fame and money. They were and remain true to their craft, and I honestly think that's one of the most admirable things in this world.

I should end this entry soon. I'm side-stepping into a different lesson.

In summary, here's what I've learned today:
  1. Never give up. Reality has a way of creeping up on you when you're on a roll. Prove it wrong.
  2. Do your best not to overthink things. Life is complicated, but it will never be as complicated as the most contemplative minds make it out to be.
  3. Stay positive. It's easy to be pessimistic, but it takes real effort to break through the dark to grab the spark and make a fire.
  4. When you do make it to your dream, never forget what it was like to be your old self. Never forget the struggle, or the luck, it took to be where you are. Don't only remember it either, act like you remember it. Nothing is more disappointing than someone whose actions contradict their words. We have enough of those kinds of people, please.

Well, that's it for today! I'm going to take a shower and continue writing. I really am very excited. One day, my friends, we will find a spot next to our inspirations and role models. Good day and good luck!

- Louisa

Another Year, Same Hurdle

Except this time I'm jumping over it. I have to say, this year is starting off great. On the first of January, I rewrote my query l...